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Michael Kvium, November 2012

portrait of a real-life monster

They emerge out there in the murky twilight. These monsters we see, but cannot catch. They seem familiar. We give them names, describe them precisely and create myths about them, so everyone thinks they know all about them. 

Oddly enough, they are quite shy, and seek refuge in the wilderness or in the depths of the ocean. They never make close contact, and only ever leave doubtful traces. Everything points to the fact, that these beasts are afraid of something - well, of us. 

Despite our limited knowledge of them, we have admit that, seen through their eyes, we must be "the others", these monstrous "others" we ought to know so well. "Them", "the weirdoes", "the aliens", they are us - invisible throughout our existence. This humungous creature grows at an alarming rate, consuming everything in the path of its conquering campaign, which is almost at an end. It soon takes over the furthest regions, so even the abominable snowman must hide in his hole, while the mountain snow melts rapidly, revealing cola cans that have been left behind by mountain climbers. 

We are revealed in an undesirable portrait, a portrait of a monster that does not want to be seen. In an ocean of plastic, in the form of tourists on a pleasure cruise, the beast escapes behind the screens of Hollywood in its deceptive disguise, and lives out a beautiful lie. It orchestrates a bel canto aria to make itself heard above a tragedy. A tragic reality characterized by adverts, selling old news in new colors, which soon get all mixed up and turn into a dull grey.

Dressed in this grey monster costume, an artist plays the role of the monster's baby, a role in which the mirror is a single paintbrush, a magic reflection of a monster escaping from grey to black 

Michael Kvium
Mojacar, November 2012

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